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Simply Beautiful: How to Do Morning Makeup Quickly


When waking up, we oftentimes just want to squeeze every minute that we can to getting more sleep. Sometimes, this can even result in sacrificing some parts of our daily morning routine and most of the time, doing your makeup will then be shortened. So, to save yourself from worrying about failing to beautify yourself before going out, here are quick easy alternatives and steps that you can follow.

BB Cream as Alternative

Applying foundation is one of the longest processes in doing full makeup. You have to carefully even out your skin tone from your face and up to your neck. Since you only have little time to spare, you can use BB Creams as alternatives. Most BB Creams works as a combination of primer, foundation, and sunscreen. So instead of applying three different products, this compact cream can be applied in one go.

All-Over Color Sticks

These products are every lazy girl’s best friend. Color sticks are cool 3-in-1 makeup that can serve as a lipstick, blush on, and eye shadow. They are slowly becoming a trend especially for young adults who are still trying to learn about applying makeup. In just one stick, you can add color to your lips, blush on your cheeks, and glamorize your eyes. So, you no longer have to find three different products when you can just grab your color sticks and use it as a 3-in-1 makeup.

Finish Off with a Ponytail

Doing your hair can be frustrating especially when you have limited time. So, the best go-to hairstyle has always been the ponytail. Whether you just jumped right out of the bed or your hair is frizzy and not in a good mood, throw in that ponytail and all will be set. Alternatively, you can also do a bun when you want to look particularly neat and clean.