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5G: Closing the Digital Gaps Really Fast


Cellphones are a necessity nowadays. Apart from the seamless communication, different auxiliary services are already integrated into mobile phones.

As of 2017, GSMA Intelligence reported that there are 5 billion people around the world who own a smartphone. And in 2020, it’s projected to reach 5.5 billion- equivalent to three-quarters of the world’s total population. 

Telecommunication companies are currently capitalizing on the power of fourth generation (4G) technology, but in the coming years, expect a drastic change. Information technologists and computer engineers are now considering the bandwidth shifting, from 4G to fifth generation (5G) technology.

5G is deemed to fill the gaps of the 4G technology. First and foremost, 5G is way faster than 4G.  The download speed of the 5G system is 1,000 times faster than the 4G. Another advantage of this revolutionized network is that it provides a broader scope of coverage. This means that you will not anymore experience drop calls due to’ out of coverage area.’

Aside from faster communication, 5G is also expected to resolve prevalent issues in society.

Crimes, accidents, and tragedies will reduce once this technology is appropriately applied in real-life scenarios.

One example is the fire that hit Jecheon, South Korea. According to experts, had it been the 5G technology was already laid in the area, there could be no casualty in the said tragedy. Based on sources, firefighters wasted much time paving out illegally parked cars. Such hindrance will be avoided if there is 5G technology. Authorities will just have to install wireless sensors to the parking lots. Once the sensors detect an illegally parked vehicle, a warning will be immediately sent to the control center. 

There are other 5G applications just waiting to be realized. Just keep crossing your fingers and hope that this new breed of technology will come to your hand soon.